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This Obsidian Crown demo 2 version is free to play.

This latest demo is looking for constructive feedback, which will help to improve the game! Full game anticipated release August 2019. PC only at the moment.

Obsidian Crown is a roguelike game that takes place in the mysterious multiverse. A place that exists between realities. You have been plucked from your world, and must survive the myriad creatures and devices that want to harm you.

Fortunately the cosmic beings that control the multiverse have provided some useful ‘trinkets’for you to use in your quest for survival. They range from projectiles weapons that destroy your enemies, to defensive weapons that improve your karma and help to light your way.

The choice is yours, kill your enemies but reduce the amount of light and speed, or boost your speed and light by using the harmless ‘bubble guns’. May you have fun and adventures on your journey!

Follow us for updates on the full release this August 2019!

Gamepad Controls (PC compatible Xbox controller)

Controls (Keyboard and Mouse)

WASD: Move
Left mouse button: Fire
Right mouse button: Drop/Pickup Weapons
Move mouse: Aim
E: Drop Bomb
X: Confirm
ESC: Quit Game


The full release of Obsidian Crown (March/April) aims to have:

1. More procedurally generated level designs with custom graphic tilesets (already created)

2. New enemies set on your destruction (already created).

3. Despicable end-of-level bosses.

4. A custom-made soundtrack.

5. New potions and pickups.

Craig Smith
Pipkin Studios

Install instructions

Please download and run the executable file. You can use keyboard and mouse, or a USB Xbox gamepad controller for Windows PC.


ObsidianCrown_Demo2.exe 133 MB

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